You Know You’re A Real Man If…

You Know You’re A REAL Man If...

fact and fiction

  1.     You don’t understand women, and you believe that they are all CRAZY!!

Fact: A real man subscribes to Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping to understand women.

  1.    You don’t like watching “Romantic” movies.

Fact: Even though a real man doesn’t like watching romantic movies, he will watch them with his woman, but only if a deal is struck in which she will accompany him to a horror movie at a later date.

  1.    You leave the toilet seat up EVERY time.

Fact: A real man will be considerate to his female roommate and always put the seat back down as long as she agrees not to leave her cosmetic products all over the bathroom counter.

  1.    You wear your socks when having sex.

Fact: A real man exposes EVERYTHING when making love with his woman!!

  1.    You yell at your team while watching them play on TV.

Fact: Your team can’t hear you.

  1.    You do not play video games.

Fact: Real men don’t play video games.

  1.    You’re tough, and you never cry.

Fact: Real men can be a little emotional when the time is right and shed a tear if they’re in pain. How else will you get sympathy “love” from your woman?

  1.    You only do yoga to pick up women.

Fact: Real men do yoga to keep up with their woman’s flexibility in the bedroom.

  1.    You eat and drink whatever you want, whenever you want.

Fact: A real man realizes the limitations of his metabolism as he gets older, except for chocolate ice cream. There has to be one guilty pleasure.

  1.   You climax every time when you have sex.

Fact: A Real man makes sure that his woman is “taken care of” first, even at the expense of his own “pleasure.”

By Mike C


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