Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas

Every time we wish someone a Merry Christmas we think how can it be the end of another year? How did twelve months fly by so quickly? We just finished putting all the decorations away, wrote thank you notes and jotted down goals for the new year….right? As kids wishing the days and months would hurry up, life seemed to stand still. At our age now, time seems to go by lightning fast. As we sit here writing this post, we are reminded that life is short and it is important to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Tomorrow is never promised, and life’s a journey, not a destination. So while with family and friends this Christmas, we will be taking a moment to look at each of them and be thankful for the gift they bring to our lives.

With that, we would like to thank you all for your support and taking the time to follow us as we share our life lessons.  We would also like to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy!

Lisa and Linda

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