Why So Many Women Are Single And Alone

Truth is not an insult and Reality is not an attack.

Remember when there were courtship, chivalry and traditional dating?

Since the late ’60s, women have been encouraged to get a college degree and a career. The prime fertile and beauty years are thus spent avoiding marriage to become ‘strong and independent’. And during these years of multiple sex partners, a highly educated, independent woman and a GOOD woman are not the same things to a man. When women choose to enter the workforce versus taking care of the home, kids and supporting her man, she becomes a competitor. Can you love or trust your competitor?

After college and the start of a career, 28 to 30 years of age approaches, looks begin to fade, the clock is ticking and desperation to settle down sets in. Not exactly a powerful position to be in when it comes to landing a good man because the high-value men are seeking the 18 to 25 age range for a woman to marry, who has not been riding the cock carousel in college, and less likely to complete or jockey for a position of leadership in the home. Being submissive is not a weak position. Can you see the impasse? 

The expectations of today’s women have become delusional and unrealistic. Demanding a man be chivalrous, generous, have six sixes, expect the man to pay even though she has a degree and a job, wants him to pay for travel, shoes, clothes, handbags and many fancy dinner dates while she keeps her money. She essentially wants to be entertained at his expense, yet bring nothing to the relationship other than companionship and sex. And when she is done with him, gets bored or finds another man to monkey branch to, she collects the cash and prizes via the court and makes him pay attorney fees for both of them. (rinse and repeat)

All we hear about is how everything is the man’s fault, yet nary a peep about any accountability or responsibility of the woman. Men account for 97% of all combat deaths, 93% of Industrial deaths, 80% of suicide victims, and win custody 16% of the time. Women hold 67% of all student loans for useless degrees. Walk outside, look around, everything you see was designed, engineered and built by men. But men are trash, right?!

Men have caught on to the legalized fleecing tactics and are far less likely to get married or even cohabitate than any time in prior history. Men are going their own way (MGTOW) and becoming Red Pill Aware (understanding the true nature of women). They have simply walked off the plantation and found other ways to lead a fulfilled, happy, risk-free life and are now spending their own money on other interests. No more dates, no more foodie calls, no expensive trips or supporting another person’s spending habits is liberating.

The solution? Maybe the ladies can start with changing marital, divorce and custody laws.  Maybe the silent ones can speak up and tell the feminists to stop speaking on their behalf. Maybe men need to be admired and respected instead of ridiculed and accused. 

By Joel D


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1 thought on “Why So Many Women Are Single And Alone”

  1. Holy smokes. What a bizarre impression of feminism and women. Oversimplified generalizations. Yes, staying single is the best thing for you at this point.


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