Walking Through Life With A Woman

As a man, I’m finding it quite difficult to elaborate my thoughts on a subject of which I have no experience. But, I can give you my perspective as the “husband” of a woman who has been walking, running, crying, laughing, raising children to be responsible adults, hard-working, but most of all LOVING! We have been through things where most marriages would have collapsed long ago.

A little bit about myself and what she had to deal with from the start. I grew up on a hay ranch in central California and was employed by a hay broker moving irrigation pipes at the age of thirteen. My parents had to move due to my father’s job and only came back to the ranch on weekends. This left me at the ranch and finishing school on my own at age fifteen. After graduation from high school, I picked up an additional job at Montgomery Wards Automotive. I worked these jobs until I joined the Military in 1987. I completed two tours before I left in 1993. From there I started my first family and my first business. Three children later, I was divorced and raising kids as a single father. This is a rough outline of my life up until the time I met this working woman. She had already been walking through life for 30 years. She was a single, divorced mother of a seven-year-old daughter and keeping it all together just fine.

That being said, she was now willing to start a blended family with a man who has three children, a work ethic of a horse at the end of a whip, and PTSD…WOW!  Don’t let that fool you, she was just what the doctor ordered. She could crack the whip and calm me down at the same time. As for our children, they are best friends and think of themselves as sisters and brothers. Can you ask for more?! That’s more than just a “walk through life.” We have been together for 23 years and still very much in love. She is my best friend, my lover, and my wife.

I would not want to walk through life without her.

By Sam M

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1 thought on “Walking Through Life With A Woman”

  1. Right on Sam!!
    We do love our Taylor girls, don’t we? My Taylor girl is the best thing that ever happened in my life!!!


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