Voting For Democracy

We just had the midterm elections in our country, and we’re still waiting on the final vote counts on some ballot measures, propositions, and individuals running for office. I don’t know about you, but I was nervous as to what the outcome would be. The republicans predicted a “red wave”, and the democrats were hoping for a “blue wave”. Well, there was no red wave…

In my opinion, the majority of people in this country voted for democracy. They used the power of their vote to make a statement. The statement is that democracy is the backbone of our country and we will not let it slip away. We will not have another January 6th! Voting is one important right and responsibility of every citizen of the United States. 

How this midterm election will make a difference when it comes to women’s rights, racism, our economy, climate change, and more remains to be seen. There’s still so much work ahead, and changes to be made for this divided country. Will those in government get beyond their individual agendas and get back to governing for the people?

How will democracy in the U.S. look ten years from now? Will 2020 & 2021 look like a party compared to what could happen? I know that our democracy isn’t perfect, but my hope is that it will prevail. My hope is that we will get back to watching out for one another and taking care of one another.

Describe an emotion you’ve felt in the past couple of weeks: anxiety? fear of what might happen?

“Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone.” — unknown

By Linda S

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