The Perfect Night And The Negotiation

It was the perfect evening. The candlelight concert was beautiful and romantic. Dinner afterward, at the Capital Grille, was amazing and delicious. And a quick chocolate mousse pie at the little dessert place across the street from the restaurant was unbelievable. The night was extra special because all the places were within walking distance from her house, and the fall evening was perfect for a romantic walk and intriguing conversation. It was the perfect first date with a girl I’m attracted to, and I’m hoping she feels the same way about me.

We’re walking up the stairs to the front porch of her cute little village townhouse when she takes my hand and turns her head to smile at me. This surprises me a little, but it is a beautiful and encouraging moment. I return the smile and pull her in, closer to me, as we get to the top of the stairs. It’s dark, but there’s just enough moonlight from the full moon to light up her face as she turns to me again and thanks me for the perfect evening, and I thank her for the dessert shop suggestion.

At the time, I thought it was a good sign that she had suggested it. That meant she enjoyed my company and wanted to extend the evening. I still have her hand as we’re facing each other at her front door, and for a few seconds, neither one of us knows what to say as we are contemplating how the night will end. I break the silence and suggest that it will be hard to beat the evening we had if we go on a second date. She giggles and affirms that there will definitely be a second date. I give her a chuckle, and after I respond with “Oh Really?” she gives me a little frown, and that’s when I take her other hand and pull her close and say, “Ok, you talked me into it.” This brings a beautiful smile back to her face, and that’s when she asks, “Now what?” as she moves in closer. She likes me and appears to be making the proverbial first move.

The “first move” is always a little awkward for me because I’m not exactly sure how the woman feels. I don’t want to appear too eager, but apparently, she has relieved me of that burden. Hence, I take hold of her waist and reply, “That’s completely up to you.” She then leans in for a kiss on my cheek. She asks, “Do you want me?” After a quick chuckle, my reply is, “That’s a rhetorical question, right?” as I lean in for a kiss on her cheek. After a little giggle, she replies, “No, it’s not…do you want me?” as she leans in for a soft kiss on my lips. My answer, as I withdraw from the kiss and pull her hips into mine, is “More than anything else.” Her response is exciting when she says, “Before I bring you inside, you must agree on certain conditions.”, as she gives me a quirky little smile. 

Obviously, I’m very interested to find out what these conditions are. What kind of weird shit might she be into? Does she have a roommate? Does she want me to dress up? I’ve never had to agree on conditions before. This is very interesting. So, with a curious look, I asked her what those conditions might be. As she wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her waist, she asked, “First of all, are you going to please me?” That’s an easy question. I’ve always enjoyed foreplay and bringing my partner to orgasm before I allow myself to climax. So, with a confident look, I answer, “Yes, of course.” She smiles at my reply and then asks, “If I say ‘no,’ will you stop?”. Now I’m curious about what she might say “no” to. I’d really like to dig deeper into that question. Still, it might be more fun to see how the evening plays out spontaneously, so with a wry smile, I answer, “Yes, of course.” She smiles at my response and then, with a serious look on her face she asks, “If I want you to do something, will you do it?”. Normally, I would inquire as to what she would ask for, but I’m so caught up in the moment I give her my standard answer, “Yes, of course,” with a little chuckle. Her comment is, “You’re a brave man,” with another serious look. Now I’m a little concerned. What have I gotten myself into? But I don’t care, as I answer, “Yes, I am,” with a confident smile. She smiles back and hits me with the next question, “Do you like cats?” Now I’m wondering if a cat will be involved in a sex act, or do I have to worry about cats jumping on my naked ass as I’m doing whatever she has planned for me. But once again, I’m so turned on right now. I like cats, so I answer, with a chuckle, “Yes, I do.” She then pulls away a little and asks, with an almost reluctant look on her face, “Have you ever been or are you currently a serial killer?” I can’t help but laugh out loud a little before I answer, “Absolutely never and not,” with a straight face, just in case she’s serious about the question, but then I can’t help myself. I add, “However, I am thinking about it as a career,” again with a straight face. She laughs at my response and then asks the last question, after a little hesitation, which is, “And finally, do you enjoy prostate massage?” with a curious look and raised brow. This question really takes me by surprise. Is she asking because she enjoys pleasing men unusually, or maybe she’s probing to see what I might expect if we get really frisky? I’ve never enjoyed it at the doctor’s office, so I take my chances and answer, “Not really. I don’t want anything up my ass!…LOL”. She laughs and pretends to wipe the sweat off her brow, seemingly relieved at the answer that I gave her.

And now we’re in each other’s arms, just taking in the moment and anticipating what will happen next. She looks beautiful in the moonlight. Her face has a look of contentment and approval, which prompts me to ask, “Did I pass your interrogation?”. After a kiss, she smiles and replies, “Yes, you did. Would you like to come in?”. I, of course, answer with a very presumptuous “Yes, I would. I can’t wait to meet your cat”. She looks at me and giggles as she unlocks the front door. As we entered her home, much to my surprise, I noticed a beautiful woman sitting on the couch next to the door, wearing nothing but a black satin camisole and matching shorts. She looks exactly like my date. I immediately stop in the doorway, and before I can come up with anything to say, my date asks, “This is my twin sister; how do you feel about a threesome, handcuffs, and video cameras?”. The look on my face has got to be confused and surprised as so many colliding thoughts run through my brain. The only thing I can think of is, “I thought you had a cat?”

By Mike C


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