The Game

Here are some words based on desire. 


Two bodies in motion creating the fire.

Sweat beads dripping, 

clothes ripping away curves bending, tongues blending in a flickering way.

Nipples rising, muscles tense and hot nibbling.

Sucking, and lips caressing the spot.

Hands tied, bodies grinding in a rhythmic motion. 

Energy pulsating through the veins like a stormy ocean.

Juices being devoured by the tongues ravenous tip.

Thighs trembling, backs arching, intensity growing like the crack of a whip.

Two bodies in orgasm feeling like one.

One breath, one sigh, and act one has been done.

As the calm comes and goes the sensations grow.

The lust in the wind unwinds, and act two starts to flow. 


By Anonymous


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