The Dress (part 2 in a series)

When I say the dress, I mean “thee dress“! Over a woman’s lifetime, there will be many occasions to wear the perfect dress, and they all have significant meaning in our lives. The baptism, first communion, first date, homecoming, prom, graduation, cocktail party, the horse races, and if you are lucky, the academy awards. We will spend hours, days, even weeks searching for the perfect piece of fabric that will make us feel and look amazing, but none of these dresses will come close to the time, effort and feeling of your wedding dress.

Every bride wants to walk down the aisle, with all eyes fixed on her knowing she looks like a million bucks. Maybe deep down hoping there is a bit of envy from her guests believing they have seen no other dress as beautiful.  Most importantly “the dress” needs to make husband-to-be tear up in awe as he watches his bride walk down the aisle towards him.

The dress comes in all styles, lengths, colors, and cost. It seems everyone has an idea of what they think will be the best fit. The real test is when you try it on. When you first step into the dress and look at yourself then walk out in front of family and friends. Will they love it as much as you do? Will their mouths drop open, then smile from ear to ear or will they scrunch their face up and say “oh gawd no, that’s horrible”, dashing your dreams. The entire process can be exhilarating and exciting or completely demoralizing. It seems everyone has an opinion of how the bride should look, the style and cost, especially if they are paying for it. In today’s market, the options are endless, the prices outrageous, and opinions are never in short supply.

When I chose my wedding dress in 1989, I knew I was in love the moment I tried it on. It was the second dress in the first shop. I felt beautiful, and everyone around me said I looked gorgeous. Thirty years later, the style might get some eyebrows, but all that matters is that I felt beautiful at the time. I still have my dress, and from time to time, I pull it out, try it on and think back to that day and how good I felt and how happy I was. The dress holds memories for me, and although my marriage didn’t last, the dress did. It looks as good today as it did the day I got married.

As my eldest daughter chooses her wedding dress, and I see the look in her eyes and those of the family and friends, I once again realize how special “the dress” and the moments are in choosing this piece of fabric and how magical the walk down the aisle to meet your future husband will be. I know Matt will have tears in his eyes not only because his beautiful bride will look stunning but because they are meant for each other. Their love is contagious and strong. Also, we have been torturing Matt for months about how beautiful the dress is, and we have not let him see it. That first look is everything.

Please forgive me for a moment as I rant…

The mother of the bride dress is pretty darn important as well and not easy to find. I, for one, would like to try them on and not have to order five dresses online to see if any look good or fit me.  I don’t intend to pay a thousand dollars for my dress either. I just want to look nice for my daughter, feel good, and of course, match the theme, so I don’t stress out the bride. Is that too much to ask? If anyone has run into issues as I have, please feel free to comment.


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2 thoughts on “The Dress (part 2 in a series)”

  1. What a great read!!! Having just shopped over 3 days and 16 stores for my daughter’s 2018 prom dress (her prom is next year), I can totally relate! You summed it up and captured the meaning of the entire dress shopping experience. It must feel like it’s perfect. Now that you’ve written this so eloquently, can you tackle a piece on why the shoes to match the dress do not have that same special appeal? Lol Has anyone thought of designing dresses that beg to go barefoot? Or come with two pairs of shoes? One for photos and one for practicality or at least getting across the gravely parking lot to the venue? The dress stays on but the shoes come off and on and off and on. I could get behind a dress meant to be worn barefoot, even in a Mother of the bride, dress. By the way, I have two dress stores to recommend based on service and selection that I experienced this past month in Chula Vista/National City. Diva’s fashions, and D’Original, if they don’t have it, they can order it and neither will break the bank.

    • Jennifer,

      Thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking comment on my post. After ten months of searching, I finally found my dress, but for daughter number two, I will certainly check out your recommendations. You have brought up a great point which by the way I am still dealing with “the shoes.” Stylish and practical do not belong in the same sentence! I think as women, we have drawn the short straw. I for one hate going barefoot so for me a gorgeous pair for show and a second pair for comfort to dance the night away is always my choice.


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