Technology Overload

When I was a kid, there were no cell phones or computers. We entertained ourselves by playing outside, reading books, or listening to music on the record player. It was a treat to watch television, but honestly, it was more fun to go exploring, climbing trees or riding your bike.  Life was simple, I had lots of friends, we got dirty, we were active, fit, and most nights if not all we stayed out until the street lights came on. As a family, most nights we enjoyed dinner together discussing our day. 

Technology has changed our world. It has allowed for incredible advances in medical, automotive, computer, space, engineering and the communication field, all for the betterment of life, or has it? It’s hard to believe all the things we can do today that were not possible in years past and every day brings more advances. There is, however, a multitude of drawbacks to all this technology. The dependency we have for it for one thing. If you leave your home without your cell phone, you tend to experience a panic attack. If the power goes out in the house, some people have been known to starve, some have gotten stuck in their garage, and others even worse were not able to dry their hair. We become paralyzed with fear and forget how to do the simplest of things. We rely on technology so much that we are almost incapable of being self-sufficient without it. If you were to break down all the little things in your home and car that use some form of electronic technology, you would be scared. Almost nothing is manual any longer.

With technology comes disposal, nothing is meant to last, and craftsmanship is a thing of the past. We want everything immediately at the sacrifice of quality and longevity. We just figure something new and improved will come in shortly, so why worry if something lasts too long.  

I haven’t even brought up social media and the internet. Not only are we reliant on modern conveniences but we now spend a gazillion hours shopping on Amazon and other sites or living vicariously through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, blah, blah, blah. My phone sends me a weekly report of my usage, and if I have increased or decreased over the past week. If you want to have a rude awakening, read that bit of data.

My concern with everything we have to entertain ourselves, look at, play with, and talk to, we are forgetting to include some basic human needs. Nature and human contact. We need to get ourselves outside to smell the flowers, feel the sun, walk in the mountains, swim in the ocean or lake. You will never truly understand the beauty of nature unless you see it, touch it, or smell it in person. We must put down our phones and have a real conversation with family and friends. Be able to hold a conversation while looking that person in the eyes, seeing their expressions, body language, hearing their laughter, or reaching to dry a tear.  Nothing should be more important than the person you are sharing the moment with at the time.

Technology has a beautiful place in our lives, it just shouldn’t take over our lives.


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