The Cycle

My trip to Los Angeles has been everything I expected. I am so relaxed, zen even. I came to visit my good friend, Lane Bostick, and I found him in an unusual state. On the night of my arrival, he receives me with a bottle of wine and weed. I don’t smoke except around him. … Read more

After You

“After You” When there was you love was like a white light laser beam channeled so clearly into a singular focus After you the light became a thousand rainbows that sparkled out into the world By Jamie Shadowlight  As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your time and … Read more

Defamation Of Character

A person’s character is an important thing and can be entirely subjective. Once labeled, you may have a hard time changing the opinions of others. Human nature allows us to pass judgment while never having met someone, solely based on the rumors or even stereotyping. Better still an opinion about someone’s real character can be … Read more