Learning Something New

Young or old, learning is a part of growing. In the first three years of our lives, we begin learning basic cognitive, verbal, social, emotional and motor skills. Being curious, we want to see, touch, eat, smell, and try everything. We have little to no fear. The world seems a very exciting place.  As we … Read more


I teach several classes of yoga every week. I enjoy searching for affirmations, intentions, and quotes to inspire me. I use them so I can also touch and inspire my friends as well as my students.  Years ago when I first began saving these pearls of wisdom, I would search for a specific inspiration that … Read more


Okay, I must admit that I’m procrastinating right now because I’m thinking of all the things I would rather do instead of writing this particular blog post. I’m even thinking that I would rather write an easier blog post (about something entirely different) before finishing this one. And I think I need to turn off … Read more