The Blended And Extended Family

The blended and extended family seems to be the norm today. When I grew up, it was something people barely spoke about. For me, this was all I knew. I even remember feeling the tiniest bit lucky to have more than one dad. How many pre-school kids were seasoned travelers and honorary flight attendants? My … Read more

I Don’t Diet

My name is Liz, and I am 24. I am an artist and a maker; a sister and a daughter; the joker and comedic relief; a feminist and an ally; a body positive example and a fat activist; but maybe one of the most important parts of my identity, is I don’t diet. Yep, that’s … Read more

Being An Advocate For Change

Okay, this is for the ladies out there! Well, not only for you, but let’s face it, our voices need to be heard now more than ever (at least in most of our lifetimes). I am sure that I am not alone when I say that it is easy to become complacent, especially when we … Read more

Online Dating

Online dating at the age of 55, in a word, “Ugh”. Don’t get me wrong though, I love writing whimsical profile narratives, searching through my massive collection of pictures to find the best pics for my profile and swiping left and right can be crazy addictive! However, it sure seems like a lot of work … Read more

The You, Before

Change is a given, people change, and people change you. Circumstance changes you. Through all this change, you stay who you are,  just a different version. But none of those versions of you, are the real, the original. The before… So this is to you before. You, before childhood, turned into responsibility, before you had … Read more


Good day. My name is Rick.  I have the honor of writing something for this blog entitled “Walking Through Life as a Woman.”  I am scratching my head for two reasons. One is I’ve never walked through life as a woman. And two is what the heck am I going to write about.  I came … Read more


I teach several classes of yoga every week. I enjoy searching for affirmations, intentions, and quotes to inspire me. I use them so I can also touch and inspire my friends as well as my students.  Years ago when I first began saving these pearls of wisdom, I would search for a specific inspiration that … Read more