Standardized Testing

It is a difference of opinion when you think your life should change. For me, I thought I was almost invincible. I’d drink almost every day and smoke more weed than I thought I ever would. Being unemployed will do that to you. I was bored out of my mind. At the moment, I thought … Read more

Why We Do What We Do

At what age would you think we are able to make sound decisions for ourselves. I mean by the time we reach adulthood we should know right from wrong, what is good or bad. So why is it that we so often do things we know are wrong. That little voice in our heads seems … Read more

Kids Are Kids Until They Aren’t

People feel teenagers are apathetic, disconnected and sometimes downright rude. After teaching for 40 years what I have observed is kids are kids. They learn from their parents and from others around them. If they are allowed to do what they want whenever they want, they do not learn the concepts of deadlines, respect, and … Read more