Long-Distance Dad

I read a story on social media the other day about a couple that observed a dad on a date with his young daughter. They saw the love this dad had for his daughter as they giggled and talked. He was making sure to spend quality time and give his daughter lasting memories. This gesture … Read more

She Is The One

She laughs at my jokes My stupid silly wit Maybe she likes me Just a little bit She cooks me dinner sometimes Even when she’s tired Perhaps she cares about me And I am desired  She likes doing things together  No matter how silly or sappy Could she enjoy my company  That makes me happy  … Read more

Presents Vs Experiences

The thought of the holidays only being a few months away brought this topic to mind, not to mention a few subtle online ads. I’m sorry to even mention the holidays already, but we know how it goes. They’ll be here sooner than we think. Although, purchasing a gift or creating an experience can happen … Read more

First Comes Marriage

Did you ever sing the rhyme “first comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” when you were young? That may not be the way things always happen in today’s world. Being a mom, that’s how I have always dreamed my daughters would do it. They would grow up, go to college, find … Read more

The Game

Here are some words based on desire.  Two bodies in motion creating the fire. Sweat beads dripping,  clothes ripping away curves bending, tongues blending in a flickering way. Nipples rising, muscles tense and hot nibbling. Sucking, and lips caressing the spot. Hands tied, bodies grinding in a rhythmic motion.  Energy pulsating through the veins like … Read more

Sacred Scars

I trust my medicine This life that blooms within my intuition I will give it space and sit with it Until it moves me into a true action The shadow is the bearer of light  The darker the night The brighter the stars  Love is what we are  One soul, many faces  By Jamie Shadowlight … Read more

Rock The Vote!

As I write this post, there are 48 days left until November 3rd — election day. And like all of you, there has been a lot on my mind and this year’s presidential election is now at the top of my list. Even though things are looking pretty bleak in the political world these days, … Read more

Raising Biracial Daughters

It’s hard to know who you will fall in love and have children with. As a child, I’m not sure most of us would recognize the differences in the boys we are attracted to. What I mean by differences, is the color of their skin, are they short or tall, thin or heavy. As I … Read more

Racism Does Exist!

The picture above may say it all. Why was a person of color, jogging down a road, and followed by armed white individuals shot down? Why did it take 74 days for arrests to be made? Would this have happened if the person who was shot was white? Racism does exist in our community, in … Read more

What Do I Need To Improve?

I would definitely say that there’s room for improvement…for myself and my life. And, since we’re all staying home and trying to get through this pandemic, I can’t think of a better time to try and make some positive changes. I don’t need to completely overhaul my life, maybe just a couple of things to … Read more