Full Circle

I remember reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coello one summer. I was in León visiting my family. Normally, all my cousins would go off to work or had errands to attend to and I’d stay home. One day, I decided to visit the local bookstore and take a gander at the books. I found a … Read more

Blessings In Disguise

A “blessing in disguise” is something that seems not quite right or bad in the beginning but turns out to be a good thing at the end. You can also say that it’s an accident that results in positive consequences. Have you ever lost a job only to find that it gave you the opportunity … Read more

Letter To My Teenage Self

A couple of months ago, the Girl Scouts had a Zoom call with Michelle Obama. One of the things she was asked about was any advice or life lessons she could offer the girls. She had many great pieces of advice, but the one that stuck with me the most was not making a mountain … Read more

Writer’s Block

Have you ever heard the phrase creative constipation? I think it’s just another way of saying that you have writer’s block. I think that’s what I’m going through right now. I haven’t been able to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Walking Through Life As Women is all about lessons … Read more

Worst Date EVER!

I’m pulling into the parking lot of the Starbucks coffee shop where I have agreed to meet my date. I’m a little early because I always like to be the first one there so that I can see what she really looks like when she arrives and gets out of her car. Online dating profiles, … Read more

Corned Beef Doesn’t Have Corn

The best way to understand another’s culture is through their stomach. From traditional meals to street food, there can be an abundance of different things to nibble on or completely dive into. I love being invited over for a meal. I am lucky to have such a diverse circle of friends that I get to … Read more

Stop Apologizing

Stop apologizing for every damn thing you say in the name of love for yourself! Why, as women, do we apologize for things we say and do? Do men go around apologizing for things randomly? Do men think they have hurt your feelings then immediately apologize? Women want to make things all better. Diffuse a … Read more

Expectations Of A Man

It’s tough being a full-grown man! The expectations of a man in today’s world are overwhelming. Today’s man is expected to be a tough guy, not show any emotion and at the same time, he is expected to be funny, intelligent, and stay in shape, especially if he’s single and dating. First of all, being … Read more


One of my neighbors has a slope on the side of her house in a place where she can’t even see it. Being a good neighbor, she decided to plant it with beautiful flowers. The process of covering the bank with starter plants took two weeks. Then she began to water, weed, and care for … Read more

He Sees None Of My Flaws

When he looks at me, he sees perfection I see my flaws He tells me my beauty starts on the inside and radiates to all those around me It’s hard to believe, but I want it to be true He gently touches my face and says no one has looked more beautiful I look away … Read more