Have you ever been in a situation that was so bad that it brought you to your knees? Or, it made you want to scream out loud or cry hopelessly into a pillow? I think at some point everyone has been in a situation like that, whether it’s from a loss of a family member … Read more

Step Back Three

As fall makes its entrance into our lives, the leaves turn color as much as I continue to turn inwards. This year has been an encounter of realizations in which the path I paved for myself looks less and less enticing; something I know I can make better. I have set goals for myself and … Read more

Is Long-Term Satisfaction Possible?

Have you ever witnessed the new toy syndrome? A child begs for a new toy for weeks, then not long after, the toy sits in the corner, and the child wants the next thing they see advertised. They lost interest because it’s no longer new and exciting.  How about your new car that smells so … Read more

Stop Apologizing

Stop apologizing for every damn thing you say in the name of love for yourself! Why, as women, do we apologize for things we say and do? Do men go around apologizing for things randomly? Do men think they have hurt your feelings then immediately apologize? Women want to make things all better. Diffuse a … Read more

My 2020 Life Lesson

I remember saying at the beginning of 2020, “This is going to be an amazing, great year! This is my year!” Now, if there ever was a year to put to bed, it is 2020! It’s a year that has caused me, along with so many others, to have a level of anxiety. This anxiety … Read more

Best Piece Of Advice

The topic for this post came to mind because I was thinking about all the great advice I’ve received over the years. From listening to your intuition, being present, to meditating, and more. I have to say that the best advice I’ve received was from a dear friend of mine and it was — write … Read more

Setting Boundaries

It is creating a line that marks the limits of an area, a dividing line. Many areas in life need boundaries. However, setting them can be a complicated process.  Depending on your personality, setting boundaries may make you feel fabulous and empowered, or it may make you feel like you are hurting the people around … Read more

What Do I Need To Improve?

I would definitely say that there’s room for improvement…for myself and my life. And, since we’re all staying home and trying to get through this pandemic, I can’t think of a better time to try and make some positive changes. I don’t need to completely overhaul my life, maybe just a couple of things to … Read more

Work, Life, Balance

In theory, this sounds like a wonderful thing.  It takes the edge off the guilt.  Why, might you ask, do you feel guilt, Dawn?  Well, it’s easy.  I’m a working mom.  I wonder if men ever experience this:  how it feels to go to work every day with the weight of guilt bearing down.  The … Read more

A Gift To Me

If there is one thing I’ve learned while on my journey, it is to try and live a more vibrant life. A life that is filled with excitement, joy, a sense of curiosity, creativity, love, and wellness. And, that’s the best gift I can give to myself! This was emphasized recently while attending Oprah’s 2020 … Read more