Why So Many Women Are Single And Alone

Truth is not an insult and Reality is not an attack. Remember when there were courtship, chivalry and traditional dating? Since the late ’60s, women have been encouraged to get a college degree and a career. The prime fertile and beauty years are thus spent avoiding marriage to become ‘strong and independent’. And during these … Read more

Dating at 50

After my divorce, I was ready to hop on that horse. To be clear I am not saying back on the horse because I was never really on it. I met my ex-husband at the age of 16 and was with him until I was 48. I had never been with anyone else before or … Read more

Online Dating

Online dating at the age of 55, in a word, “Ugh”. Don’t get me wrong though, I love writing whimsical profile narratives, searching through my massive collection of pictures to find the best pics for my profile and swiping left and right can be crazy addictive! However, it sure seems like a lot of work … Read more