Stuck In My Mind

(Since I have the time, I thought I’d get back to a hobby of mine. Hope y’all enjoy!)


Wrote a poem today

Had time to think about what I’d say

It’s a time where I’m stuck in my mind looking for the words to find

Trying to make sense of it all, closed in behind wall after wall

Another day in a quarantine way

We are told to stay apart, it breaks the heart, the mind, and soul

The emotions taking its toll

Free us from this grip that has us sick

The one that hits us like a brick

I just want to get away from this day that repeats itself day after day

Games, puzzles, liquor, and wine, it’s all fine until one day it’s not

Getting back to the grind will be a lot, taking in that thought,

that one day someone will say be free to be

The norm of the past will not be the normal in the future

The puzzle will be solved, the game won, we will have had our fun in our own funny way

What else can you say

I just want to be me in the sea, my mind on the trail being free

A hug from my kids, hanging out with a friend

Is there a bend to bring this fear to an end

I sure hope so


By Anonymous


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