Starting Over

Sometimes there comes a time when you just have to call it quits and start all over. Just quit your job, pack your bags, say goodbye to all your friends, and move somewhere else. The reason for this can be financial, personal, new job, to be closer to family or to avoid prosecution. The reason that I’m writing this piece is because this is precisely what I did for all of the above reasons.

After losing my career job a few years ago, I struggled to stay in the black with a job that paid about half as much. Don’t get me wrong, I spent the last few years looking for and applying for other positions but with no success. And then one day, my sister, from across the country, suggested that I find something closer to the family. I thought about that suggestion for about five minutes and said to myself, “OK, we’ll see what’s out there.” I applied for several jobs across the country, with no results until one day, I got an email inviting me to an interview in Minneapolis, Minnesota! It paid almost twice as much, and it was the same job that I had before that I really enjoyed. The problem was….it wasn’t in San Diego. So I thought about it for about five minutes and booked a flight to Minneapolis! At the very least, it would be a nice little vacation, at the most, a huge decision that I would have to make.The interview went well, and of course, they offered me the job, and after about five minutes, I accepted the offer….for a job that started in a little over two weeks…in Minnesota!

Now with my decision to accept the offer, I had no idea how much it would cost or the toll that it would take on my sanity. I had to break the news to my current boss and my current friends, who all thought that I was crazy, but they understood. I had to have enough money to make a move. This was the biggest potential stumbling block. Lucky for me, everything that I own will fit in my Honda Civic. I had to have enough for a place to live (rent for a month or more plus deposit ) and expenses for three or four weeks until I got my first paycheck. It turned out to be a lot more than I expected and pretty much drained my savings account.

Finding a place to live, before the move, would have been tremendous but almost impossible since I wasn’t about to put any money on a place until I saw it in person. The hardest part really wasn’t the finances but leaving San Diego. I had lived in SoCal for 23 years. I love San Diego. I planned to stay here forever, but the cost of living is just too high if you don’t have the right job.

And to make matters worse, right around the time that I interviewed for the job, I met a girl on Tinder that had some promise. If you’ve read any of my previous posts on this blog you know that I haven’t had a whole lot of luck meeting women lately so I didn’t really think that this girl would be any different. But of course, with my stupid luck, that didn’t turn out to be the case. This girl turned out to be really cool, we’ve got a lot in common, and our relationship became very intimate, very fast. If I had met her a couple months ago, I might have never considered leaving San Diego but the wheels had already begun to turn, and I just had to make a move. Starting over in Minneapolis was my mission.

Now that I’m here in Minnesota, I thought I would reflect on the “move” in this post. I’ve been here 18 days and so far, things are going well. I found a nice little place to live within two days of my arrival. I haven’t run out of money yet (I still have $53 till payday on Friday). I’ve made a few friends. Other than it raining every two or three days, I like the weather. And there’s a lot of excellent little restaurants to explore.

Minnesota is a beautiful state with some great parks, and apparently, the Minneapolis area is the fittest city in the country according to There are hundreds of miles of paved paths exclusive to cyclists and joggers. I think that I am acclimating very well to the area and I might even really like it someday…but I REALLY MISS San Diego and my Tinder girl.

Oh….and by the way, I am “fleeing the law”. About one week before I moved, I got a “traffic light camera” ticket for an infraction in Encinitas! I didn’t think that those stupid traffic light cameras still existed. It’s a $490 fine that is due in a little over a week. Should I pay It?? LOL

By Mike C


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