Solutions For Women-Owned Businesses Struggling Through The Pandemic

It’s no secret that many female-owned small businesses were hit hard by the shutdowns driven by COVID-19. Thankfully, this day and age brings with it some unprecedented advantages, too.

Walking Through Life as Women offers the following tips and tools to help your limping business regain its stride. 

Freshen Up 

Given the current situation, your clientele will naturally focus heavily on cleanliness and safety. Take a hard look at your establishment and make improvements with that in mind. 

  •       Decide how to implement OSHA’s tips for retail establishments.
  •       Get familiar with the EPA’s guidelines for disinfection.
  •       A fresh coat of paint is a cheap way to make a clean and positive impression.
  •       Lighting improvements can brighten dim and dingy spaces for minimal cost. 

Prepare Your People

Ensure your staff has everything they need to keep themselves and customers safe and healthy.

Shift Your Perspective

It’s natural to focus primarily on your brick and mortar right now, but why not try something new? Consider amending your efforts with these ideas:

We at Walking Through Life as Women realize times are more challenging than ever right now, particularly for women running a small business. None of us know what the future looks like, but by planning ahead, we can position ourselves to weather the storm. We sincerely hope the guidance provided here proves as useful to you as it has for us. 

By Elena Stewart


As always, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate your time and support.

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