So, What’s Next?

How many of you are asking the question, what’s next? There are many directions we can take, so many paths. Many of us have used this time as an opportunity to reflect on how we see the world around us, how we respond in times of crisis, and what we can do better. We can look at the world and see chaos, but what do we see when we look through the chaos to the potential outcome? This can swing many ways, some of which are out of our control. We know what we can control and that is how we choose to respond.

Allow me to share with you some of the ways I hope to respond:

  • Becoming more aware. Sometimes I find myself wandering and losing track of my surroundings. I hope to become more aware of what is around me and take the time to acknowledge the presence of whatever it may be.
  • Stop procrastinating. This is one of my guilty pleasures! I wonder sometimes if I just prefer the pressure of having to get something done, rather than taking the time to do things ahead of time. Or, it could be justification for, “I work better under pressure!”
  • Enjoying being alone. This time has given me a new perspective on being alone. I am learning that I like to be alone, not all of the time, but sometimes I just find it rejuvenating. It is a chance to find joy within oneself.
  • Being in the present. I tend to think about all of the things I want to do. Future thinking, travel, places I want to go, wishing I could do this or that. Because of the situation in the world right now, my thoughts are more in the moment. In a way, this has been a reaction to not knowing how things will be in the future. Maybe protection from some disappointment regarding the potential of things changing in such a way that closes us off from the global unity many of us have come to know. I don’t know, but I feel it is a good reaction for me right now.

Now, I would like to focus on how I hope to see the world change:

  • The first thing, that seems obvious to me, is the environment around us. 
    • I would like to see the world slow down. Fewer planes in the air, more room in the planes, remove the middle seats, and upgrade the air filtration systems. 
    • I wouldn’t mind seeing a huge decrease in the cruising industry. It can be reduced by three quarters and really, do we need apartment buildings floating around our oceans? Where do we think all of that waste goes anyway?
    • Does the oil industry need a comeback? I don’t believe so. Now is the time to focus our energy on clean energy. It feels like this has been a small preview of what a cleanse to the environment would look like.
    • Maybe it wouldn’t hurt for us to change our eating habits. Supporting our community farmers, instead of the big corporations, who are slaughtering animals in the most inhumane ways possible. There must be a better way to produce enough food healthily. We just may have to sacrifice eating as much of it as we do.
    • Working from home has been a treat for me and I hope to continue doing so. I believe that may be a way for large corporations to save money in the long run! Do we need all of those huge buildings? I know it is not practical for every business, and I like interacting with people, but I could stand to go into the office, maybe twice a week.
  • Our health care system. This has exposed how weak our healthcare system is in the United States
    • Because so many Americans have compromised immune systems, this disease has hit us harder than most countries. What we discovered is that our health system was unable to handle so much devastation at one time (among many other things).
    • Because of that, instead of being able to focus on understanding the virus, testing, potential treatment, vaccine research, we have had to concentrate our focus on scrambling to save lives (reactive instead of proactive).
    • I hope that future America has a healthcare system in place that focuses on prevention, teaching healthier lifestyles, alternative medicines (eliminating price gouging), and includes everyone in the country.

There is so much more we can hope for, but as it is, this is a pretty big wish list! Something else this virus has confirmed for me is “there is no place like home.” One big wish for me would be that all people could feel that way, or at the very least, that all people could have a place to live with food to eat.

That is the lesson I would like to see from this episode in the history of the world!

By Tina G


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