Smile Behind The Mask

I see you behind that mask

Taking a breath like it came from a flask

Where’s that hidden smile, tucked away because that’s the new way or style

What did you say in that muffled way

I can’t understand, talk clearly my friend underneath that bandana blend

Going to the store grabbing groceries like it was some kind of whore

Get back I say, six feet away, could you not understand me behind this mask of the day

The virus can’t spread behind these tightly woven threads that are attached to our heads

But can it, who knows, this sickness kinda blows,

and where’s that smile, your lips, and that nose

I hear you now in that muffled tone, that your smile has gone, replaced by a frown, 

but you’re not alone

The sun will come out tomorrow, soak up the positive to drown out the sorrow

I’ll be by your side, you don’t have to hide, that smile I see that used to be free

As the mask is a task, drink up from that flask of life in these times of strife

Stand in this line that line, mile after mile

Excuse me my friend, I’m just looking for that smile

By Rob T (#mythoughts2020)


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