She Is The One

She laughs at my jokes

My stupid silly wit

Maybe she likes me

Just a little bit

She cooks me dinner sometimes

Even when she’s tired

Perhaps she cares about me

And I am desired 

She likes doing things together 

No matter how silly or sappy

Could she enjoy my company 

That makes me happy 

She likes touching me

Any time of the day or night

Is she attracted to me

It really feels right

She enjoys being in my arms

Cuddling on the couch or bed

Our connection she seems to crave

The signs cannot be misread 

She gives so much

When we are sensual

She yearns for our intimacy 

The fruits of which are plentiful 

She tells me that she loves me

Every chance she gets

Could it be that I’ve found the one

I love her too with no regrets 

By Mike C


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