Self Respect

In today’s world being a strong and independent woman demands that you respect yourself first. You should have confidence in everything you do and be proud of your accomplishments. With those things in place, it will be that much easier to live a life of honor and dignity. Please don’t confuse what I said with being human and making mistakes along the way. The hardest thing to do is respect the fact that you will make mistakes in life. No one in this world walks through life without causing a little damage here and there. The honest self-respecting person, however, will acknowledge their mistakes, take responsibility and make things right. Self-respect and self-reflection, in my opinion, go hand in hand.

I have encountered many instances in my life where my opinions have been brushed aside as worthless. I have been put down by my employer or people I felt were an authority figure to me. I have also been taken advantage of because I have not voiced my opinion, or stood up for what I believed in or wanted at the time. These types of situations were never pleasant and I never felt good about myself. The feelings began to eat away at my self-esteem which in turn was a form of disrespect. Although at the time, I felt I was managing the situation and not doing myself any harm. I eventually realized I was not.

Standing up for what you know is right is one way to assure you will live your best life. Having that confidence to speak the truth demonstrates your ability to live a life deserving of dignity. You must keep your state of mind clear and succinct to respect your voice, your feelings, your choices, your body, your appearance, and your flexibility to change with the times. It’s not easy to put yourself first, and it can feel like you are being selfish or conceited. But you can’t expect others to treat you with the respect you deserve if you don’t give it to yourself first. 


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