Okay, I must admit that I’m procrastinating right now because I’m thinking of all the things I would rather do instead of writing this particular blog post. I’m even thinking that I would rather write an easier blog post (about something entirely different) before finishing this one. And I think I need to turn off my phone. It keeps distracting me with all its pings.

I think we’ve all been procrastinators at some point in our lives. Some of us more than others and some of us get to the point where we’re backed into a corner before a task will actually get done. It’s easier to put off a task that is unpleasurable. I can definitely relate to that. I’ve got so many house projects left undone. I don’t consider myself a lazy person and being lazy (in my opinion) is not a descriptor for being a procrastinator. I think it’s just not having the motivation to do something.

How many times have you read book after book, told yourself you would get better at managing your time, and worked hard to set better goals for yourself? But despite everything that you try nothing seems to work. The ‘to do list’ seems to never get smaller. And as women who are wives, mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, and more, we tend to have a list that goes on forever. Of course, you say to yourself that you can always get to it tomorrow.

Here are a few things that might help in conquering that procrastinator in you (and me, I hope). First of all, forgive yourself for procrastinating. Depending on what task needs to be done, it’s okay if it’s not done until later but make sure to commit to completing the task. You can promise yourself a reward for finishing the task. My husband and I have to clean out our koi pond filter yearly. This is not something I look forward to at all! So, I always say that once we’re done we can treat ourselves to a nice lunch. That’s a great motivator for me. You can ask someone to check up on you to make sure things are getting done. It’s okay to ask for help. Also, try minimizing distractions like your phone. I’ve got mine on silent mode right now.

By the way, I did write another blog post before completing this one. It’s called “From Puberty to Menopause….What Happened?” Keep an out for it in one of the upcoming posts.