Outrage Of The Funky White Boy

Let me begin by saying that I am, in fact, an older white male. A demographic that I have become profoundly ashamed of, and I sincerely hope I do not represent in any way, shape, or form. I am also proudly married to a gorgeous woman of color, of mixed heritage, and have an Afro-American stepdaughter who I raised since she was 4, so I consider her MY daughter, and a lovely daughter of mixed race that I share with my lovely wife, Linda. So…there is the backdrop. 

So, some of the things I will have to say will offend much of the demographic that I am included in, and be sure of this, it is my intention because you should be ashamed!

Let’s begin with the conservative right-wing, many of whom may be good people, but most have lost touch with reality and who no longer seem to have the ability to apply critical thinking and to separate fact from fiction. 

When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” – Thomas Payne.

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit Atrocities)”   Voltaire

Our country has reached a dark schism where the will of the people and representation in our country’s leaders, especially in the Senate, is non-existent. The Right has become so obsessed with maintaining power that there is not even a glimmer of hope among them to serve the people they represent. Their demigod, Trump, is a malicious, narcissistic con man whose only motivation in life is the monetization of every transaction and a lust for power and ego validation, driving him to throw democracy under the bus for his own personal glorification while claiming how much he loves America. It is a bold-faced LIE! He Only looks to what he can extract for his own benefit. 

Look at those he admires most, oligarchs and quasi-dictators like Kim Jong-un, who he claims to have exchanged “love letters” with, and Vladimir Putin, who he sided with over his own American Intelligence service, and who he described as a “smart man” during his initiation of the invasion of Ukraine. And as the most recent hearings are revealing, he continues to rail about a stolen election, even though there is NO evidence of widespread fraud. In fact, the ONLY fraud here is his perpetuation of The Big Lie to his supporters, with NO supporting evidence.  Most of his advisors around him, including Bill Barr, who called this claim complete BS, and even his daughter Ivanka, who under sworn testimony said she believed the conclusion of Bill Barr, know that there is NO evidence of widespread election fraud! This guy was actually trying to institute a 7-point plan to overthrow the results of a free and fair election by the AMERICAN VOTERS who were legal voters who voted legally. He tried to coerce the justice department to “just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republican congressmen ” a clear indicator of his intent to overthrow a free and fair election. He tried to install fake “Alternative” electors to be inserted into the election results at the Jan. 6th installation of the election results, and he tried to install an unqualified sycophant as the attorney general at the last minute in an attempt to overthrow the government. If it weren’t for a few good men!! In over 60 court cases, the right has tried to prove otherwise, and even before Trump appointed conservative judges, they failed to make a wild and baseless claim a reality. 

So, there is a crazy, malignant, narcissistic whacko who continues to perpetuate The Big Lie.  But it doesn’t end there. The right has become a bunch of spineless, power-seeking robots, kissing the ring of Trump, who were actively participating in the FRAUDULENT attempt to overthrow the elections and throw democracy under the bus…and this after all their incessant chest-beating about God Bless America and Make America Great Again. What makes America great in the first place is that we live and abide by the rule of law and the will of the people reflected in our elections. 

Yesterday and today (June 21, ’22)  are two of the saddest days in the history of America, where a Supreme Court…and if you want to talk about rigged…a rigged Supreme court where two of the conservative right were installed by a sham of justice, although legal, certainly not morally or ethically correct. There is the law and there is justice, and in our current world, never the twain shall meet. Two of these jurors testified during confirmation hearings that they did not intend to disrupt precedent on Roe v. Wade…to add insult to injury Collins and Manchin are now trying to cover their asses by saying they were misled. I call bullshit! They knew what they were doing and what was to come once they were installed. We ALL did!

Trump and Mitch McConnell, with Ted Cruz and McCarthy not far behind, are the most evil, selfish, ignorant mother fuckers to ever crawl the planet. They live on lies and manipulation of the truth that they wield, looking you in the eye and telling you they are helping you, and smiling while they attempt to steal your valid election and limit your rights! 

Shall we start with gun control? The daily carnage is a nightmare and a shame upon America! The notion that good people with guns will take care of bad people with guns is ludicrous and dangerous at face value. They want to arm teachers with guns instead of books and teaching materials to educate our youth. And as the mayor of NY stated…“imagine Time Square on New Year’s Eve, where everyone around you may be potentially armed and dangerous”. 

And today’s ruling on Roe V. Wade… I come from a family of strong, intelligent, and independent women…my wife and daughters. My heart cries for you in a profound way I can hardly express, and in a way, I know I can never fully experience or truly understand as a white man in America. 

Now, I am really going to offend some… 

I live in a split community where there is an older population…many veterans, many cowboys, and many rich, privileged, retired white folks…and a newer demographic who came predominantly for the school system they desired for their college-bound kids. EVERY weekend, since the election, there is a contingent who post themselves on a corner, who claim to have Four Corners for Freedom, as they parade around with their QAnon flags, shouting at passers-by and claiming they are for America and Democracy. They claim they love America more than we do…THEY DO NOT! This is a bigger lie than claiming the election was fraudulent. I refer to them as “Crackers for Insurrection”, who wallow in their ignorance and The Big Lie. They are partially not to blame because they want to believe their leaders are for America and Democracy. They are totally to blame for a lack of critical thinking or the slightest attempt to view the facts and not be ruled by their emotions. What can you expect when their only source of information comes from Fox, where Fox News is actually not a news organization…they fall under the entertainment section of the Fox organization and the Tucker Carlsons of the world entertain them nightly with lies and misinformation as a daily diet. They have pretty much denied the existence of the JAN. 6 hearings (what have they got to hide?), where a mountain of evidence has shown the lies and deception. Many of these congressmen, who know there was no widespread election fraud, actively participated in the attempt to overthrow the election, and several of whom, knowing they were participating in treasonous insurrection, were looking for preemptive pardons. Several legal proceedings, including in the Supreme Court have stated that a pardon is a clear declaration of committing a crime or trying to avoid prosecution because you are actively acknowledging your sense of guilt or fear of prosecution for wrongdoing. Common sense alone says you need no pardon if you have done no wrong!

So PLEASE for the sake of the safety of our children in schools or sanctuaries, pass some sane legislation on background checks and access to assault rifles and other capacity guns. Your second amendment rights allow your privilege to bear arms but NOT any arms. What’s next? Shall we be allowed to all go out and purchase bazookas and openly carry them around in our community?

And for the sake of our wives and daughters, especially women of color and the underprivileged, who despite claims of the religious right that they have access to prenatal health care and reproductive health, truly do not. Their lives are in jeopardy. The Right looks at these people as freeloaders on the system, even though their discrimination in education, the job place, and the ability to own property, put them there in the first place. And when they DO succeed, they try to wipe them out…look at Juneteenth!  It is double jeopardy! And for God’s sake, do not let the Christian Right impose their wills on, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, and others. They claim this is a Christian country, despite the fact that our founding fathers separated church and state in the Constitution as our founders fled Europe to come to America to avoid religious persecution. 

It is a fundamental right for a woman to make decisions concerning her own body. The hypocrisy of the Right who want less government while they are busy gaming the system to milk unconscionable profits from the weaker around them and to impose their religious bias on all around them, again is unconscionable. Stay out of people’s business. Who and how anyone loves behind closed doors is none of your fucking business, and let women govern their own bodies as they see fit!!


  • “Our freedom of speech is freedom or death.
    We got to fight the powers that be.”
    Public Enemy


  • Don’t be afraid to call BS!!


By the Funky White Boy

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