Ordinary Moments

Why can’t an ordinary moment be as special as an extraordinary moment? There’s so much to find joy in and appreciate in every day. Why wait for a special occasion or event? Take time to see the beauty that surrounds you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until everything is going well before you can find happiness in the moments. People who have dealt with the loss of a close friend or family member know what I mean.

At the end of the day, my husband and I love to pour a glass of wine and walk around our yard. We talk about our day, our plants, or whatever comes to our minds. It’s a time when we can just get caught up with each other. It might seem ordinary to others, but it’s special for us. Another one of our favorite things to do is to sit around our dining table with friends and/or family, engage in great conversation, and eat a wonderful meal. It’s time with others that’s special and means a lot. It’s time that you can never get back.

Our lives are so busy and full. Every time you take one thing off of the to-do list, you add two more things back on. And time is flying by so quickly. Next thing you know, you will be looking back at your life wondering why you didn’t spend more time watching sunsets, sitting and reading, listening to your child laugh, or enjoying that kiss and hug hello.

So, tomorrow I will wake up, be grateful for a new day and for a chance to do it better. I will love and feel deeper, live in the moment, and be present. It’s not always easy to do, but I’m willing to do the work and make an ordinary moment extraordinary.

“Life is too short to argue and fight. Be grateful. Love the friends and family that are always there. Smile more often. Make the most of every day.” — unknown

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