Diving in and thinking that we were smart enough to figure it all out on our own was probably not the best way to tackle starting our blog site. We both have a tendency to just jump into almost anything we do. While this shows great initiative, we usually end up taking a couple of steps backward in the process.

Following directions and reading instructions are not always part of our modus operandi. We figure that if we get stumped, we can just go back and thumb through the instructions or ask someone for some quick guidance. It’s not easy to have patience but it is necessary, especially if you want to be successful. Taking the time to do some research probably, no definitely, would have saved us a lot of time & effort.

They say, “the early bird catches the worm”. That’s true as long as you know where the worm is. If you’re out there searching around with no map or plan, you may never find that darn worm and you’ll starve to death. Taking just a few extra minutes to plan or research might make all the difference you need to lead you on the path to success.

While we have been the type of women who would charge forward and try to figure things out along the way (if you want something done, you just go for it and get it done), we have realized this has not served us well. The phrase “patience is a virtue” was sometimes lost on us. In this process of creating our blog site, we can think of a number of things we would have done differently and had more patience in doing…taking directions and reading instructions just to name a couple. As with most things in life, there must be balance. Having patience is no different!

Thank goodness we have each other to remind ourselves to slow down and have patience. For the people helping us along the way, here’s a big THANK YOU! To all our friends and family supporting us through this venture, we thank you and appreciate you.

By Lisa and Linda

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