New Year’s Resolutions

So here we go again. Another new year and another set of resolutions. Statistics show that about 8 percent of people are successful in keeping their new year’s resolutions. A lot of things get in the way with most people and their goals. Work, kids, laziness, complacency, and procrastination are just of few of the reasons. I think for me, it has always been a little bit of procrastination and distractions. So for this year I will stay true to my procrastination self and set the same resolutions as last year.

My first resolution: Try to eat healthier. You would think that this one, being as “vague” as it is, would be a slam dunk but I failed miserably. Of course, I blame my favorite fast food restaurants for unveiling their “super saver combo” menus last year, and a new Chic-fil-A opened up just a few blocks from where I live. I never had a chance.

My second resolution: Get more sleep. You would think that this one would be equally as easy but my purchase of a “Firestick” at the beginning of the year opened up a whole new universe of TV viewing through Netflix and Amazon Prime, so “binge-watching” became a “hobby” of mine and my sleep time took a nose dive.

My third resolution: Work out more. This one should have been a slam dunk since I’m a cyclist and I love to ride. But I also really like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Americans, and The Office…..and I really worked a lot of overtime this last year…..and the daylight savings time change seemed to take away all my daylight for riding…..and a Chic Fil A opened up down the block !! It was the perfect storm.

Now you would think that with the “The Perfect Storm” my fourth resolution, lose five pounds, would have failed as well. But in fact, I lost 6 pounds this year.  I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it. Personally, I think it was all “water weight” from all the sweating during the hot and muggy summer.

I feel really optimistic about my resolutions this year, mostly because I’ve seen just about everything on Amazon Prime and Netflix…..and overtime at work has come to a halt….and I’m getting really tired of Chic Fil A. So with just a little more willpower it should be a piece of cake to eat healthier, get more sleep, work out more and maybe lose some more weight. Bring it on baby!!

By Mike C

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