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For the typical 65-year-old man, the idea of “Walking Through Life as a Woman” probably seems like an impossible concept. Well they’re right! It is impossible! In the same way that we are all different in so many ways, only the willingness and ability to be understanding, empathetic, and truly caring could one possibly walk in another’s shoes. It seems like it should be a pretty simple concept.

I have been fortunate to know many incredible women in my life. Family members, co-workers, close friends and my very special life partner, Tina. I have always felt a closer connection to a matriarchal society versus patriarchal, probably because my mother was Jewish. The idea of a world where strong, intelligent women have more influence in the direction of humanity gives me more hope for the future than anything else today.

Any method of communication that can expedite that process of change will always have my support. “Walking Through Life as a Woman” is a very powerful method. I am excited and optimistic about the positive changes ahead.

There is a long way to go, but every step, every story, gets us all closer to that goal of understanding and being able to walk in someone else’s shoes.


By Michael G

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