My Happy Place

The gym is one of my happiest places. Some might think I have a screw loose, and others will ultimately get it. I can’t say I have always felt this way. Growing up playing sports and being active, meant being outdoors, and I loved it. The energy of the sun and wind was the essence of my childhood and early adult years.  As the years went by, however, my schedule has changed, and my responsibilities grew. I didn’t have as much free time as I once did. I had to rethink ways to exercise. I also longed to be around like-minded people. To me, exercise or working out was never a chore. It was fun, enjoyable, a way to challenge myself, and be around friends.

I have been going to the gym for many years at this point, and the dynamics have changed.  There are different types of gyms, catering to all levels and groups of people. If you look hard enough, I have no doubt you could find one that suits you and your personality. I like the right mix of people and all ages. I enjoy seeing the younger generation beginning their quest for overall health and wellness. I love to watch the intensity of the bodybuilders and glean everything I can from their knowledge. I get excited to see the retired women and men that come and workout keeping their bodies mobile and their minds sharp. I love the friendships I have made over the years with men and women my age that I carry into my everyday life.

The routines of each person I meet at the gym reminds me of how valuable each day of my life is. I try to remember that I was once young, energetic, and felt invincible. In middle age, I am in the best shape of my life but realize that injury can be easily attained and much harder to heal. I try to be mindful with my body and its capabilities every day. I look ahead and know it is essential to do things today that will help keep me strong and flexible for the future. I have come to realize that my happy place, “the gym”, has afforded me new and exciting experiences outside again. I get to learn new adventures because of the things I have accomplished at the gym.

I can honestly say my happy place now is everywhere I am enjoying life.     

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