My Comfy Couch

Is it just me or does everyone start in the upright position, then slowly lean to one side using your arm to prop up your head, then gradually making your way onto your side? Do you tell yourself I will only put my head down for a few minutes?  If I didn’t know better, I would think my couch was infused with Valium.

I don’t care what time of day or night it is, that darn couch invites me to sit, then swallows me whole. I am strong, and I have will power and intention. I know what needs to be done before I go to bed, but for years now I have not been able to fight back and win against the mighty couch war. The fight of sitting down to do some computer work, read, or watch an entire movie without falling asleep is beyond my control.  More nights then I can remember, I wake up at two or four in the morning with all the lights on, grey TV screen staring back at me and my neck locked in the most uncomfortable position imaginable. Something has to change, but will it?

As far back as I can remember we always had comfy couches and I loved lounging across them with my family. Growing up our family was laid back and casual, so a stiff uninviting, rigid sofa would never do. Also, I never enjoyed doing my homework or reading at a desk. I would gather my books, sink into the couch cross my legs and get to work. In addition to the space being cozy and inviting, it allowed me to be right in the middle of the family energy. My couches also held great memories like making forts with my brother or a place for my girlfriends to sleep when they came over. Of course, there were the make-out sessions with my boyfriends, and when I had my babies, I would nurse them or curl up with them as we watched a movie. There were parties, family gatherings, quiet nights with the girls listening to music and chatting. So many things to do and then after everyone was gone it was just me and my couch. The armrest was calling my head. The soft cushions were letting me know it was OK to lay back and put my feet up. An extra pillow and the blanket could also be drawn over me since I kept them close.

As a child, my mom would wake me and gently tell me it was time for bed. When I was married, my husband would say to me it was time to get up, then my kids joined in on the waking process. The problem began when I no longer had anyone at home to wake me and send me to bed.  The couch was the same, I was the same, but I no longer had a mom, husband or kids to wake me and tell me to get up.

I must and will continue to enjoy my comfy couch. I will continue to have friends and family over. It will be a place for anyone to sleep if ever there is a need. I will sit and look out the window and enjoy everything nature has to offer. I will read my emails, write for my blog, shop on Amazon. I will continue to place my head down and put my feet up after a long day. I guess I need to learn to set the alarm.


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2 thoughts on “My Comfy Couch”

    • Norm,
      I am impressed that you found the hidden message in my post taking us back to a time in parenting when we watched those types of programs with our children.


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