My 2020 Life Lesson

I remember saying at the beginning of 2020, “This is going to be an amazing, great year! This is my year!” Now, if there ever was a year to put to bed, it is 2020! It’s a year that has caused me, along with so many others, to have a level of anxiety. This anxiety was caused by so many factors — from the pandemic to a very contentious presidential election. It has been one of the hardest years for me, especially mentally. How many of you have been left feeling exhausted by this past year, mentally and physically? You can bet I’m going to say a big farewell to this year. But for me, it’s not enough to just say good-bye to 2020. I think I owe it to myself to figure out all that I have learned from 2020, and to set my intentions high for 2021.

I believe that through every hardship we’re faced with, there is a purpose behind it and a lesson to be learned. I must say that the biggest lesson I have learned, and I hate to be repetitive, is to always remember everything that I am grateful for. To wake up every day with thoughts of gratitude for all that I have. This is what gets me through the day. Recently, this was emphasized even more so by doing a 2021 vision board with our Women Helping Others Advance (WHOA) women’s group. It brought me back to what is important in my life — family, friends, personal and business goals, and to find joy in the journey. And, to remember it’s not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters. Because of the people in our lives, we can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as we have people who love us. It has given me a way to align my thoughts and feelings with my reality, and I can now see a little light at the end of the tunnel (crossing my fingers). I feel hope again. 

What does 2020 mean to you?

Here’s a great mindset for 2021 — Let go of what’s gone. Be grateful for what remains. Look forward to what’s coming. 


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