Mother Of The Bride (part 1)

I carried her in me for nine months. She was the size of a peanut, barely noticeable in my belly, slowly growing and making herself known. Her heels were pressing into me, distorting my stomach, causing it to look like an alien at times. Uncomfortable at times, cravings, swollen ankles, dreams of what will be, then two weeks late my beautiful baby arrives. She was perfect in every way. I knew from the moment I saw her she was unique, strong, and a fighter.

Alexis (defender, protector, helper of mankind) Sierra (mountain) stands tall, proud, speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in. Never question for one moment this tiny little girl was not paying attention, always aware of her surroundings and learning everything she could from the situation around her. This brown-eyed little girl, with cinnamon-colored skin, always did things before her time and in her own way. She wanted no assistance, had no problem playing alone, in fact, preferred it. Although she enjoyed the company of others, she was fine reading alone in her room.

Even though my baby has matured into a beautiful young woman, I remember back to the toddler who didn’t need a hand to hold but offered hers up to her great-grandmother to help steady her as they climbed the stairs. Or, when she went off to kindergarten without a look back to say goodbye. No help needed for homework over the years and when I called her at college to check in, she told me “Mom, I’m busy and definitely not lonely, so you don’t have to call me.”  Yes, this was my daughter, always honest and upfront with her feelings. I had no doubt she would be just fine.

Fast forward to today, my daughter is engaged, planning her wedding, and will marry the love of her life. Her ride or die as they say. I believe in my heart they are a perfect match. They complete each other. What more can a mother ask for? You raise your daughter to be strong, stable, think for herself, stand on her own two feet. You hope and pray she will find love and happiness in a partner. Someone to share her life, travel the world, and have a family of her own.

Being the mother of the bride reminds you that the years of parenting, sleepless nights, school functions, countless heart to hearts was well worth it. You have successfully done your job as a mom.


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