Moral Army

Do we have a moral army growing in our Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z young adults? I ask this question because it seems they are the ones who are taking it to the streets. And, this is happening all over the world.

A while back, I came across a Tiktok video in which Harrison Ford was roasting world leaders. He stated, “There’s a new force of nature at hand stirring all over the world. They are the young people whom frankly we have failed; who are angry, who are organized, who are capable of making a difference. They are a moral army and the most important thing that we can do for them is to get the hell out of their way!”

You know what, he’s absolutely right. Look what’s happening around the world when it comes to gun control, racism, women’s rights, climate change, etc. Gen Z’s are even taking it to the streets in France to defend having a work-life balance. I could go on and on. I think our young adults have had enough. They’re ready to bring back a sense of what’s good, ethical, and right. And, we should definitely stay out of their way

There was a period of time I thought our young adults were not interested in cleaning up the mess we have made of this world, but now I have hope. They are volunteering, thinking out of the box, using online platforms to reach others, mentoring other young people, and becoming our representatives in government. I have hope that they will truly make a difference.

Here’s a quote from Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, that I hope our young followers will take to heart and use on their journey.

“As the young leaders of tomorrow, you have the passion and energy and commitment to make a difference. What I’d like to really urge you to do is to have a global vision. Go Beyond your country; go beyond your national boundaries.”

By Linda S


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