Yes, you read that correctly, “mind-fucked”. That is the definition of when you let your mind think of all the possibilities of what something could be, might be, may turn out to be. All the if’s, and’s, and but’s. The what if’s, coulda, woulda, or shoulda. The maybe’s and who knows. It’s all the crazy things your mind conjures up when you don’t have the answer. It’s the things you ask yourself instead of finding out the truth. It’s the self-fulling prophecy of a situation when we don’t take action. 

Ask yourself, are you helping that friend who asks you to play devil’s advocate and give your opinion on a situation? Are you making yourself sick by putting off that phone call to straighten out a misunderstanding? Does the word torture come to mind when you don’t tell that certain someone just how much they mean to you because you are afraid of the outcome?  

All of these scenarios are classic mind fuckery. We drive ourselves crazy worrying about what if’s. As much as we believe running through the possible outcomes is the best way to manage situations, it is NOT! Facing your problems isn’t easy. Standing up to someone, being honest, or admitting you are wrong takes a lot of chutzpah. I can tell you from personal experience dealing with your problems head-on is the best way to get answers, and it will allow you to let go of all the horrible things you clutter your mind with that don’t belong there. 

In every way, communication (giving, receiving, or exchanging ideas, information, signals, or messages through appropriate media, to seek information, to provide information, or to express emotions) seems to be one of the biggest problems in the world today. Whether it’s in our minds or outwardly, we as humans, time and time again fail. We overthink and assume without knowing or finding out the truth, and that’s what leads to the demise of relationships, friendships, partnerships, and jobs.

Imagine how you might feel if the people you interacted with were comfortable being open and honest and spoke freely. If people, in general, were clear and explained in detail their story, so you weren’t missing anything. There wouldn’t be any mystery or fear of passing judgment, ridiculing, or accusing. How great would that be? If each person allowed the other to hear in its entirety the cause of a situation, their feelings, or views, it would save our minds from going into overdrive and creating a version that never existed, would never exist or could ever exist. We would save ourselves a ton of stress, sleepless nights, tears, headaches, and as I call it — mind fuckery.

Life is hard enough without assuming what someone else is thinking. It is much easier to ask, explain, get it off your chest, and out in the open. Things are NEVER as bad as you make it out to be in your head. Always remember standing in front of the light casts a shadow that seems so vast and ominous, however, things won’t look as scary if you step aside and allow the room to brighten. The monsters only exist in your fucking mind.

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2 thoughts on “Mind-Fucked”

    • I am definitely trying to open myself up more each time I write about the things that I am going through. I figure the same things might be happening to others as well. Thanks for your encouragement, Dawn!


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