Manage Holiday Stress

Every year I go through the stress of the holidays. It’s all the extra planning, shopping, decorating, social events, cooking, cleaning, and working (I work part-time, but still) during the holiday season that gets to me. My to-do list is always long. And, I must admit it’s the stress of wanting to make everything just right for everyone. 

What ends up happening is I get overwhelmed, get out of my routine, don’t eat properly, and skip the little exercise that I would normally do. I know there are ways of limiting stress. I need to remember what’s important, give myself a break, and keep things simple…try to anyway.

All the hustling and bustling can really drain you. I’m learning to do a little more self-care during this time of year. I’ll ask for help when needed, and say “no” when needed. I try to fit in little things like sitting and listening to music or watching a movie. I make sure to go to a weekly yoga class. It’s hard to do this time of year, but I try to stick to my routine as much as possible.

Here are a few other ways that may help you manage your stress during the holidays.

  1. When making all those holiday purchases, try to stay within a budget.
  2. Limit your food and alcohol. 
  3. Remember that this is probably not the best time to cure any past problems.
  4. Get some rest. Afternoon naps can be quite nice.
  5. Try to bring out that kid in you that still loves this time of year. 
  6. Take the time to reaffirm what this season really means to you. Is it about your family, your community, or your religion? Is it more about giving of yourself or giving presents?
  7. Remember to keep breathing!

I hope that this holiday season brings you some calm and much joy.

“If you are giving to everyone except yourself, the holidays become a chore instead of having enough energy to love yourself and those around you.” — unknown

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