Magic Moment

We’ve been texting back and forth for a couple of days since we matchedonline. She suggested the Starbucks on 4th street, which I thought was odd because neither of us drinks coffee. I’m a little nervous as I walk through the front door of the Starbucks because she doesn’t have a picture of herself included as part of her online profile, so I have no clue what she looks like. I’m 15 minutes early as I order a strawberry acai iced tea and sit in the corner, facing the front door.

A couple is sitting next to the fireplace, an older man is sipping a cup of coffee across from me, and a woman is sitting in a booth, working on some paperwork. I catch myself staring at her, admiring her diligence and focus on her work, but admittedly it’s her natural beauty that strikes me. I look down at my fancy iced tea, a little embarrassed at myself for staring at her, but I can’t help myself as I take another look at her, admiring how she has her hair tied back and attracted to the curve of her neck at her shoulder. Her button-down blouse is open at the top, barely exposing her slightly freckled chest, and I can’t help but notice a slight dimple on her left cheek when she smiles slightly

I glance at my watch and then at the front door. I’d be happy if my date was late or didnt show up. My uncontrollable focus is on the woman across the room. She is absolutely beautiful, sophisticated, and mysterious. Her cute facial expressions as she shuffles through her paperwork make me smile a little, and my curiosity is peaked, wondering what exactly she is working on and why she is here. Once again, I glance at the front door as a young couple walks in. Its 10 minutes after the top of the hour now, and I haven’t received any text messages from my “date.” It wouldn’t be the first time I found myself at a “meet upby myself, but I’m not angry or upset this time

A smile crosses my face as I turn to glance at my newfound curiosity, and then it happens. She looks right at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and a crooked little smile. I’m startled a bit, but I’m not going to ruin this moment by saying anything or looking away. This is incredible. Suddenly she breaks the silence and asks, Are you, Mike?” Without skipping a beat or letting her sense my momentary confusion, I answer, Yes, I am.” She giggles at my reply, and as I get up to walk toward her, I ask if I can join her, and as I sit down, I ask her how she is doing.

We still haven’t broken eye contact as she answers, “Better now that you’re finally here.” She apologized that she didn’t say something earlier and that she’s an English teacher trying to catch up on grading her students’ assignments. We talk about the challenges of online dating, her students, and a little about our families. I must admit, I find it hard to concentrate on the conversation because I’m, quite frankly, intoxicated by Andreas beauty. Her beautiful eyes, cute little dimple, subtle sexuality, and enthusiastic smile when she talks about her students. I’ve never been “crazy” attracted to anyone like that. I just want to stop her mid-sentence and tell her how beautiful she is. And then the unexpected happens.

She asks me to sit next to her so she can show me pictures of her kids and cats on her phone. It takes me two seconds to get up and slide in next to her, and as I settle in, she moves in closer to me. Our eyes meet as she takes her glasses off, snuggles into my shoulder, and places her hand on my leg. She says Hiand gives me a little wink and a smile. I can barely contain my excitement at the thought that she seems to be attracted to me as well, and also thinking to myself, is this happening? I say Hiback as I realize she has no intention of showing me any pics on her phone. It’s as if we’re meeting all over again, in a whole different way. So I wrap my arm around her and pull her in close. You can see the anticipation in her eyes as I place my hand on her cheek and around the side of her neck and lean in for a kiss. As our lips touch, my heart is racing, and I can feel the passion between us as the kiss intensifies into more than just a ‘first kiss.’ I can feel her racing heart as I pull her in closer. Nothing else matters now. The anticipation is over, and yet, it has only just begun. And then I pull away to catch my breath. We’re both breathing heavily and looking into each other’s eyes. A couple of hours ago, I was alone with my fancy iced tea, anticipating yet another non-eventful blind date. That seems like days ago now. The only thing racing through my mind now is…I can’t believe what just Starbucks! I want more of that! What’s next?

Neither of us says a word. So, as I lean in for another kiss, she stops me and says, We should leave.” The look on my face must have prompted what she says next. “To finish this elsewhereI want you.” I smiled and said, “Ok.” But, I couldn’t help myself, I had to add, But what about finishing your school work?The look on her face prompts my reaction, which is to jump out of the booth and put my jacket on. She giggles as she gets her stuff together, and I watch her as she does so. Straightening her shirt, putting her glasses back on, and putting her things into her leather briefcase. Every movement she makes is cute, sexy and a little rushed. And then she takes my hand, smiles, and says, “Are you ready?My response is You have no idea.” And as we’re walking out the front door, I’m thinking, I can’t believe what just Starbucks! and I want more of that! and What’s next?

By Mike C


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