Losing My Virginity

I’ve been waiting so many years for this. Growing up, all my cousins did it, and apparently my parents. I always envied them. Once they did it, it was like they were changed people. Even though not everyone agrees with their decisions, they were still so proud and never second-guessed themselves. I wanted to join that club. It’s taboo to many people, but in my family, it’s totally normal. I’m 18 today, so according to the state of California, I’m of the legal age of consent. It’s time I make this personal right of passage too.

I’m lying here on this bed thing that almost seems like a weird chair leaned all the way back. I’ve already taken off my pants and shirt, but I wore my bathing suit underneath because I didn’t really know what the dress code for something like this was. The room is clean but not too sterile where I feel like I’m in a doctor’s office or something. I’m so excited, but I’m nervous. Is it going to hurt? Will I cry of pain or not even be fazed by it? Will I bleed? Will I be sore after? Only time will tell.

The door swings open and he strides in. His name is Ray, and he works for my dad, so I know I can trust him. When he walks down the street, he always attracts attention. He’s gauged his ears, so he has these Aztec looking plugs the size of a silver dollar in each one. Tattoos adorn his body from the neck all the way down to his calves. He’s young, fit, talented, and such a sweetheart. I’m glad this first time is going to be with him.

“You ready for this?” he smiles.

“Definitely!” I say with conviction. I don’t want him to know I’m scared.

“It might hurt a little. Just let me know if you feel uncomfortable and I’ll stop, ok?”

“Sounds good.”

He turns on this machine I can’t see, and I hear a loud buzz. I start to sweat. I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never done this before. I know all about the process, but it’s different when you’re actually doing it.

“Turn over for me? It’s easier if we start out with you on your back. You’ll roll onto your side a little later.”

Ray knows what he’s doing, so I do what I’m told and roll onto my back. I’m looking up at the ceiling now, and I can see pictures of girls covered in tattoos and piercings pinned to it. He grabs my thigh and looks at me with his kind eyes that say not to worry.

“Here we go!” The buzzing comes closer.

He starts at my thigh and works his way up to my ribs. His hands are gentle but firm, I know I can’t back out now.

“You know what, you should roll over to your side now” he smirks, “you were right, that’s a better angle,” he laughs.

I adjust and look away, but I can still see him out of the corner of my eye. I can see that he’s focused and he’s grinding his jaw a bit. I’ve never looked at him this closely before. He stands and leans over me with precision like he’s done this a thousand times. But then again, he probably has. It starts to hurt a little now, and I wince.

“You good? You want me to stop?”

“No! Keep going. I’ve waited too long for this to chicken out now. It’s not really that bad. It was just for a second,” I reassure him.

He proceeds. We’re in this position for a few hours, but it feels like days, weeks, even. We aren’t talking too much, I realize I’m holding my breath this whole time, so I exhale. He laughs at me. I laugh at him laughing at me, and I’m glad Ray’s the one.

The buzzing stops. Ray backs away from me and stretches his back. Wiping sweat away from his brow with his arm, he admires my body and what he’s created.

“Looks like we’re done here today. You did so well for your first time, I’m impressed!”

“Thanks.” I blush, “It wasn’t that bad actually. I kinda liked the feeling. I know I’m weird.”

“Well, …you’re not a virgin anymore. Stand up and take a look at yourself in the mirror over there. You’re a new woman!”

I sit up and stretch my back out as Ray did. Even though he did all the work, my body is sore from it all. I retie my bathing suit and stroll over to the mirror, excited to see what the world will see.

“I love it! Finally, my first tattoo!” I squeal.

By Alexis C

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