Life Lesson #1

Do you ever ask yourself, “I wish I would have known that when I was younger” or “I should have believed my parents when they told me that”? I love discussing life with my daughters and hearing their thoughts on issues and problems they face in their lives. Recently my eldest daughter remarked how fast her five-month-old son was growing. With a giggle, I replied he would be married and have babies before she knew it. I told her it felt like yesterday that she was a baby. Now she is married with her own baby.

Sadly when I was younger, I constantly wished my life away. I wanted to be older and be on my own, doing my own things. If I were having issues, I would tell myself that everything would be different in a year. I couldn’t wait to be anything but what I was or where I was on my journey. I didn’t have the clarity or wisdom of someone who had lived life and was on the downhill.

I was lucky because my parents and grandparents were young. I had a vibrant, youthful family surrounding me, showing me how to be active and productive. They taught me not to sit around and wait for something. If I want it, go out and get it. I didn’t learn how to enjoy each day and be happy in the present moment. I wish I had enjoyed being a kid while I was a kid.

Once the bizarre realization hits you that you are a full-fledged adult, the buck stops with you. Life can seem pretty heavy. Adulting can suck. You can no longer go to your room and let someone else make all the hard decisions. You don’t get to go outside and play with your friends or just turn on your music and pretend you have no care in the world. You are forced to look at the options and make decisions. You must decide how to pay your bills, stay in that relationship or not, change jobs or go back to school. No one is going to rescue you. Remember, this is what you wanted. This is reality.

What’s important to remember is that life is incredibly short. You may not realize it when you are young, but you should try to open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the people around you. Stop, take a breath, and look at your surroundings. Let the colors of your world brighten your outlook and give you energy. Live each day to the fullest and be grateful for the present moment. Being a kid can be challenging but being an adult is more complex. So, slow down, take a breath, and live in the moment. Why are you rushing towards the finish line anyway? Life is not a race.


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