Let’s Have A Conversation (“our site is your site”)

Lisa and I have been trying to come up with ways to get you, our reader, more involved in our site. We thought having a conversation with you would be an excellent way to get the ball rolling. First, let’s come up with a topic (we’re open to most subjects). We can talk about relationships, health, sex, family, women, men, our bodies….the topics are endless. Let’s keep the conversation going. You’re welcome to change the subject matter at any time. Who knows where it will lead. So, how about if we start?

During the primary elections process, many people commented about how confusing the different propositions were. Even researching the pros and cons for each didn’t make it easier. It sometimes made it harder to come to a decision….but a decision you felt you must make.

Here’s the first question. (you can respond in the “leave a comment” box)

How was your voting experience?


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Have A Conversation (“our site is your site”)”

  1. Usually the propositions and candidates platforms are explained pretty well in the voting guide that the state sends out. The same voting guide is also available online. Proposition 6 was a little frustrating for me. Apparently not enough people knew that is was the repeal of the gas tax. The commercials for “No on Prop 6” were rediculous. It seems that many people voted “no” on the proposition because of those misleading commercials. Other than that, my voting experience was good

    • Mike,
      Thank you for responding, I agree with you on the commercials being confusing. For myself and several others I spoke to after the elections, even the voting guides were confusing. I feel it was done that way to confuse the voters on purpose. In my opinion, the KISS principle would be a great solution and possibly get the desired results. Why try to confuse everyone, keep it simple, basic and be honest with the voters so we can make a decision based on what we feel would be best for our city and state. What a concept.

  2. I had a great voting experience since I voted by mail, but I completely agree with the propositions being difficult to understand. I spent hours researching every candidate, judge and proposition as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately, most people here (at least here in Arizona) just believe the signs on the road, commercials on TV or what others tell them!! For example, in Arizona, we had a proposition that was intended to ensure that Arizona would be using 50% solar energy by 2025. However, the proposition was worded in such a way by the utility company itself that their sole focus was the exaggerated increase in cost to everyone (businesses, families, schools, etc…). They even went so far as to say California tried this and their electric bills increased by at least 3 times! I do believe that many people were disappointed that they voted no, once they understood the benefit of this proposition and the fear tactic that was used in the pros part of the proposition.
    Moral of the story do the research, thoroughly on all candidates, judges and propositions!

    • I really appreciate your comments! I totally agree about researching every proposition, candidate, etc. It’s worth the time and effort to make the right choices for yourself. What worries me is that there are voters out there that don’t take the time to do the research and just go by what they hear or see on television or online. What I did like about this past midterm election was that more voters got out there and placed their votes and made a difference. We need to keep this momentum up for every election. 2020 is right around the corner!


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