Learning How to Start a Blog Site….Not As Easy As We Thought

Have you ever started a blog site? There is definitely a learning curve. I guess that’s why people hire someone to do it for them. We are so grateful for Eddie’s (Gadget Web Design) guidance! We decided to take a different route and do it ourselves because we are intelligent, independent women. It may take a little longer but we can do this. We didn’t realize that there are so many decisions to make not to mention all the content you need to keep the site up and running.

There’s getting your domain name, figuring out where you want to host your blog site, and setting it up. This all may take a short time (at least that’s what the experts say) but then there’s learning how to navigate your site so that you can post and make additions or changes. You want to have a good configuration and design to your site so that visitors are impressed and want to keep coming back.

You’ve got to think about things like ‘plugins’. Plugins help with the functionality of your site, reduce spam, and help to increase traffic to your site which will help increase subscribers. And when it comes to marketing you’ve got to think about search engine optimization (SEO), networking, social media, media platforms (podcasts, Youtube, etc), and even emailing. And Instagram pods….what’s that? Something else we need to research and decide if it’s a good avenue for creating more traffic to the site. And if you want to make money off your blog site, probably one of the most common ways of making money is running ads. You get paid if someone just clicks on an ad….sounds good to me! There’s even agreements and policies that need to be set in place.

It has been a long process but we have learned a lot. With all the work involved in creating this blog site, we just hope we don’t lose sight of why we started this in the first place….To unite all beautiful, complicated and intelligent women, to gain strength in each other.

By Linda S