I Don’t Diet

My name is Liz, and I am 24. I am an artist and a maker; a sister and a daughter; the joker and comedic relief; a feminist and an ally; a body positive example and a fat activist; but maybe one of the most important parts of my identity, is I don’t diet.

Yep, that’s right. I eat whatever I want when I want, and I am fat, and I am happy. I no longer question my hunger, or intuition, or even my cravings. I have come to a place where it is safe to trust the messages from my body. Might I add that this was not the case 10 or even 3 years ago. The journey has been rough and has also been very kind along the way. I would also like to address the perimeters of my privileges as I am a mid-fat cis white woman so my experiences and access to health care may differ from other fat babes.

The idea that women are primarily trained to question their intuition is a clear structural flaw in our society, also known as the powers of patriarchy. These ideas are not entirely revolutionary, as there are many women such as Virgie Tovar, Evelyn Tribole, and Anita Johnston to name a few, that have discussed the ideas of intuitive eating in the world where we are told we are eating for all the wrong reasons. Patriarchy has done a great a job at convincing women they should be distracted from their intuition, in the hopes that we won’t question the ever-present sexist and inequalities that face us daily.

Grief played a significant role in my recovery as it has become apparent to me, how fragile the body is. When my dad died very unexpectedly 3 years ago, I realized how short a time we have to experience the wonders of the world. Might I add that all the men in my family have died, so even the internal patriarchal structure has left my home. Even those you love can be agents, just an additional expression of the unwavering dynamics of patriarchy and the pressure of gender roles.

How can we spend all of our mental energy obsessing over our bodies when they are meant to change every day? As a political act, freeing my mind from the obsession of my shape has allowed a new level of my art to emerge, which one could consider another act of political expression.

I believe the ability to see past my own body has allowed me to make space for learning about the experiences of other marginalized folks. It is essential to understand that those with more privileges are more likely to be seen and heard, that is why I want to share my story and lend my heart for support. Black lives matter. Trans lives matter. F*ck the patriarchy. End to white feminism.


Since we are trapped in capitalism together, it is your role to use your financial privilege to donate:

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (link)

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (link)

Planned Parenthood (link)

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)(link)

Transgender Law Center (link)


By Liz O

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