I Deserve To Be Happy

I “deserve” to be happy, don’t I? Deserve seems like such a selfish word but isn’t the catch phrase these days “self-care”?  I see myself having made progress over the last several years after my divorce and apparently so have my friends because they have told me. But I know I can do more to up my game. I haven’t gotten to that point where I can just sit back and say, “YES, I’M THERE.”  The dreamer and ever optimistic side of me says keep going, you can do it. If you want something bad enough, you just need to have faith. But how happy is enough and how comfortable do I have to be every day to think I have reached my limit of happiness? Am I allowed a bad day or a bad week? Can I get frustrated with being alone, my job, co-workers, or family and still be happy?

I think we as the human race are putting too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, to do everything right, know everything, and have enough.  We believe our lives have to fit into a perfect little box with a bow on top. Perfect life equals success and happiness. If there is no pretty bow, then we have failed in some way. It’s like we are trying to live up to some standard set by the man behind the curtain. The problem with that is we are all different, and our needs are different.

A thought to ponder for us overthinkers might be to gauge our happiness by the day, instead of filling out some mythical scorecard and see who wins in the end.  Our lives are not a game, we are on an incredible journey, and there will be high’s and lows, good times and bad. Maybe a better way to gauge our happiness is to wrap our heads around the simple things, the day to day things. The smiles from a passerby, a text telling you your a good friend, a compliment, the sun, the rain, a roof over our heads, clothes on our back, education, our health. I’m sure you have a million reasons you can think of to be happy just as do I.

So maybe instead of focusing on all the negative things, let’s begin to embrace the positive ones and see if that makes all the difference. I know I deserve to be happy and so do you. It just takes a little shift in perspective and some faith.

I will no longer allow the NEGATIVE things in my life to SPOIL all of the GOOD things I have. I choose to be HAPPY.

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6 thoughts on “I Deserve To Be Happy”

  1. I woke up this morning, after sleeping 11 hours btw; and I feel tired and irritable. Like I can’t find anything that will make me feel better. How is this possible after 2 full weeks of good self care?
    Today I am just going to go get some vigorous exercise and take each hour as it comes. In the past I’ve tried to eat, drink or meditate this energy away.
    Instaead I am trying exercise and am going to let it unfold in all it’s imperfections. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone!!
    It’s ok to have a damn bad day!

    • You are most welcome Christa! We all have bad days, no one is perfect nor should we expect our lives to be. That’s way too much pressure. All we can do is our best and know that tomorrow is another day and a fresh start. I like to remind myself, that I am just having a bad day, not a bad life. Thank you for your comment. Lisa

  2. You’re correct Lisa, we have a chose and can choose to be happy. Some days are better than others but if we focus on the good it makes life more enjoyable. I know many people have a lot on their plate with health issues, family dynamics and work which can be daunting. I try to be around positive people to help get through the hard times which makes the good times even better. We can’t change our past but we sure can change our future. Blessings, Jan

    • Thank you Jan, it is harder these days with everything going on to see the positive side of things. We must do everything in our power not to go down that self-destructive road. I agree with you one of the best ways to stay in the right frame of mind is to surround yourself with positive people. We can never be reminded enough, thank you. Lisa


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