I Am Alpha

I am Alpha. I have a strong presence. At work, my coworkers always know when I’m around. They say they can feel me standing behind them. I’m not mean or anything like that, I am just Alpha. Even with my animals, I have never had to assert myself, make them know my rank in the chain of command. I am number one. Period. 

But being Alpha doesn’t mean I am forceful with my opinions, feelings, thoughts, or anything like that. It doesn’t say I am mean or hurtful to anyone or anything because I am not. What it is is a show of strength without words or actions. It’s a vibe that is sent out into the universe that says I am in charge here, and I hold the cards. 

I am in control of myself at all points and all times. While I listen to others and often do as asked, that does not make me any less of an Alpha. It just makes me a team player. You can be a part of a team and still be Alpha. It just generally means your other teammates will look to you for answers. I don’t let others sway my decision making or push me around (figuratively or literally). I gather facts and make my own decisions. I hold my ground. 

If I am wrong, I can and will admit that I am wrong and apologize meaningfully. This doesn’t make me any less Alpha; this makes me a decent human being. 

By Stephanie R 


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