I Am A Mother

I am a mother, and one among the Mothers

I feel the stinging of tears

When I watch another grainy film

Another life snuffed out, so young in years


Shot in the back

Tased in the face

I watch in horror,

its disgrace


Without due process

murder now acceptable

Because of skin color,

sin becomes malleable


When, in public discourse, has property

become more consequential than life?

If someone killed my child, I would burn things, too

Completely understandable is the strife


Yet the destruction also wounds,

Hijacking the message, rendering the point moot

Business owners’ passion and dreams

Nefarious double agents burn and loot


Why can’t we feel compassion for the black lives’ fight?

Why can’t we feel a longing for black lives’ rights?

As I reflect upon my white privilege, willful ignorance, in hindsight

I am stupefied in my realization that this has been going on in plain sight


Cult news TV agitprop,

Red meat for the base

Gaslighting the ignorant,

Moral compasses defaced.


Sharing social media memes to get that dopamine fix

Preaching to the choir, get in your licks

Feels so empowering to copy and paste?

Carping your life away, what a waste


Our elementary school children

Must learn active shooter drills

Our Gawd-given 2A rights,

Say the NRA shills.


What will it take for us to feel empathy that unites us?

To lead by example, not hate that divides us?

To teach positivity and tolerance to our children

To weed out this hate from our sickened nation?


Don’t we, as mothers, owe it to our kids

To show them that we are better than all of this?

Lock arms together, march for the cause

Diffuse the hatred, bring pause


Motherhood is sisterhood

We feel each other’s pain

When one of our children dies

Even worse when in vain


Violence begets more violence

Hate breeds more hate

Who else can stop this circular pollution?

Stop fighting, start listening and there’s the solution.


Mothers’ love knows no bounds

Mothers, you can burn the status quo down

Now is the time to use your voice to vote and to teach

The tide is near turning, it is just within reach


By Dawn D


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1 thought on “I Am A Mother”

  1. This is so powerful and thought provoking. I hope everyone can complemplate these sentiments and feel the pain of another mother’s loss.


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