How Women Can Make A Living (And Survive In) The Recession

The recession has been hard on everyone, but women, in particular, are experiencing diverse challenges. From carrying the bulk of household responsibilities to finding ways to support their families financially, out-of-work women and stay-at-home moms need solutions. Luckily, earning an income might be the easiest part of dealing with the recession’s impacts.

How Are Women Faring During the Recession?

The truth is that women are struggling with the recession. As Bloomberg explains, women are more likely to be unemployed due to coronavirus than men. Millions of women are primary breadwinners in their households. And in most homes, homeschooling responsibilities fall to moms more than dads.

Navigating what’s next isn’t easy for women or for society at large. Balancing food preparation, schooling, cleaning, and everything else is easier said than done. But many women are finding that working from home is more feasible than they’d imagined.

How Women Can Get by During the Recession

No matter your skill set, working at home is a viable option now more than ever. Thanks to technology and the willingness of employers to embrace telecommuting, finding work might be easier than women realize. Regardless of your background or education level, you can either work from home or at home and support yourself and your family.

Starting a Business

Whether you head online or stick to the real world for work, starting your own business is a viable option during the recession. Of course, if you take this route, you’ll need to consider business licensing and establishing a legal structure for your company.

Forming an LLC, for example, can reduce your liability, offer tax advantages, and allow for more flexibility and less paperwork. But each state has unique regulations on forming an LLC, so be sure to research your state’s rules before you begin.

Work from Home

Working online is one option if you need to stay in while earning an income. Working from home involves providing a service online or in another remote way. For example, you might become a virtual assistant and handle administrative tasks for a client or company. Or, you could start freelance writing and communicate with clients entirely online.

Typically, work-from-home opportunities require a technical background or a willingness and ability to learn quickly. You’ll need to navigate different applications and software, utilize web-based tools, and connect with others in virtual spaces.

Fortunately, whether you want to learn to code, improve your writing skills, or set up an Etsy shop, there are free online courses to teach you everything you need to know.

Work at Home

Working at home means bringing your service or product into your living room (or, ideally, your home office). Babysitting or pet sitting, for example, involves interaction with others and providing services in your home or in theirs.

Tutoring is another great option if children (or adults) in your community are seeking knowledge that you have—such as language skills or subject-specific know-how. Or, if you’re crafty, becoming a seamstress might be an excellent way to pass time and create things you can sell.

Marketing Yourself in Your New Role

Whatever type of in-home job you decide to pursue, marketing yourself (or your business) will become a significant part of your role. After all, jobs won’t come to you—and finding work will be your biggest roadblock to becoming self-sufficient in your career. As Business explains, your marketing strategy needs to include getting to know your audience, branding yourself, networking, and collecting data to help you move forward.

Another unique marketing element you can employ? Becoming certified as a woman-owned business. Taking this step can help you target a specific audience, connect with other women in your field, earn press attention, and more. 

For women, juggling responsibilities is likely a part of daily life. But during the recession, it’s become even tougher for women and mothers to get by. The good news is that you have options when it comes to your income and career path—and one of them may help you weather the recession with ease.

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