How To Serve Your Community

Do you feel a calling to become more involved in your local community? If so, you may be wondering how best to get started with this noble and important work. This list of common community service questions and resources from Walking Through Life as Women can set you on the right path. 

Why Help Others in the Community? 

It’s okay to ask this question. The answer has many parts and reasons.

  • When you get involved with local causes and missions, you will also receive rewards such as personal growth, a sense of fulfillment, new skills, and beautiful friendships.
  • By practicing compassion and generosity, you can be a role model for your children and the community. 

Can Careers Be Considered Service?

Yes, there are certain occupations which serve and uplift the community.

  •  Becoming a teacher is one such career where you can help others. There are certain requirements to obtain your license, so be sure to check the rules in your state.
  •  Choosing a career in a health field is another compassionate option. In addition to providing a needed community service, you will also have plenty of job prospects

Where Can I Look for Local Opportunities?

The easiest way to get connected with local charities is to search online.

  •   Websites like Guidestar are some of the best places to start. You can even use search options to filter down the list of local charities based on the types of charities you’d like to support.
  •   If you are a senior community member looking to give back, you can also get connected with local opportunities through specialty websites like AARP.
  •  Visit sites like Great Nonprofits to find organizations and causes where you can volunteer or make a donation.
  •  Consider starting your own nonprofit to help those in need. Keep in mind that you’ll need to treat your nonprofit like a business and take care of tasks and plan for costs like registering your LLC, filing with the IRS, and hiring employees.

How Does Donating to a Church Help?

Giving to and volunteering with your church is one of the safest ways to give back.

  •   In addition to worship and fellowship offerings, most churches also provide mission work to the community. If you’re supporting a mission trip in Vietnam, for instance, you can send funds directly to the missionaries or the families being served. Using a transfer service like Remitly to wire money to Vietnam or most other countries around the world is easy, quick, and affordable. In fact, Remitly has just partnered up with Visa, allowing you to send secure bank deposits to your recipient’s Visa debit card.
  •   Tithing, or giving monetary support to your church organization, has also been an integral step for those committed to their faith communities.
  •  If you cannot give money, you can also consider giving your time to your faith-based community. Volunteering with church missions is also encouraged by the Bible. 

Service to the community and lifting up others is a wonderful way to build the sort of world where we all want to live. If you feel called, use this guide to spread the gift of compassion and love to folks who are in need. 

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By Julia Merrill


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