Here’s To 2019!

It’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions. Have you thought of any yet? We’re excited about the coming year and the goals we have set for ourselves, professionally and personally. When we set goals for ourselves and achieve them, we feel good about ourselves. Remember they are goals, and sometimes we won’t always meet every goal we set, and that’s okay. When you do, you will feel accomplished, and when you don’t, you will have learned something about yourself. Either way trust in the fact that when you set a goal or a resolution your coming year will be different. The key is just to try and know that continuing to grow and change are always a good thing.

Launching our blog site and growing our followers has been our primary focus for this past year. Now it’s time that we take another giant step out of our comfort zone and expand our vision. Starting a women’s group and moving into the world of podcasting will be our main goals for 2019. We’ve learned a lot this past year, and we know that the coming year will bring excitement and another level of knowledge to our journey.

Our personal goals are to continue being creative, learn and experience new things, be patient, and enjoy the journey. The latter can sometimes be hard, but we’re working on it.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope all your dreams (goals) come true.

Here’s to 2019!

Linda and Lisa

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