Healthy Habits To Improve Your Quality Of Life

If you’re ready to make lasting changes, developing healthy habits is the best way to set yourself up for success. Taking care of your essential needs allows you to be your best self, preparing you for profound, positive change. Here are three effective habits that you should add to your life, brought to you by Walking Through Life as Women.

Exercise and Movement 

You don’t need a weight loss goal to exercise more often, and you can make regular movement a fun activity without the unnecessary burden of daily weigh-ins. There’s a variety of benefits to regular exercise, such as gaining strength, reducing the risk of heart diseases, lowering blood pressure, and even maintaining your mental stamina.

Find a time that movement works easily with your schedule, and hold yourself accountable — perhaps promise yourself a workout two days in a row for starters. If you dedicate time for the gym, a yoga class, a walk around the block, or a simple home workout, you’ll inevitably experience a noticeable shift in your mood and body. 

Most importantly, we all need to make exercise enjoyable. If lifting weights isn’t for you, maybe try some YouTube yoga classes that incorporate meditation to start your days with. If you don’t enjoy going to the gym, find an outdoor workout community. Find ways to stay motivated such as using a smartwatch to track your progress or picking up a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite tunes while you work out. 

Getting started is challenging, but you don’t need to be sweating buckets to see the benefits. Merely getting outside and moving your body can have profound effects.

Healthy Eating and Shopping Local

A healthy diet and an active body often go hand in hand. You’ll find that you move more easily and with less struggle to power forward with nutrient-rich foods.

To incorporate a healthier diet into your lifestyle, hit your local farmers market and make changes to your grocery habits. Throw in more greens in your meals. Veggies don’t have to be boring — plenty of healthy recipes are available on the internet that can be surprisingly delicious and nourishing for your body.

Breakfast is an important meal as it’s the first of the day, and this healthy start can be critical for maintaining positive habits. Instead of jumping straight from your bed to your work computer or checking the news, focus on starting your day with a nutritious, balanced meal. Fueling yourself with food rich in vitamins will boost your energy levels for a more productive day. 

Last but certainly not least is your water intake. If 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water, then it’s no wonder that staying hydrated is essential to our health. Incorporating more fluids can have a profound effect on your kidneys, skin, weight, body temperature, and more.

Creating A Peaceful Home

Whether or not you’re working from home, your house is where you spend most of your time. It should be a literal comfort zone. Our homes are where we go to retreat so creating a peaceful environment that’s free of stress and negative energy is critical to our health. 

A lot of factors can cause distress or negativity, like clutter, lack of proper ventilation, or tense relations. Simple practices such as cleaning, decluttering, and opening the windows for some fresh air and sunlight can infuse more positivity into your home. There are also further techniques to clear the negative energy from your place, such as cleansing with salt and smudging.

Small, regular habits can make a noticeable impact on your life. Little adjustments like healthy eating, daily walks, and cleaning your house can make a profound difference in your quality of life. Stay positive and stick to your plan!


By Julia Merrill

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